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Frequently asked questions about The Deepwater Diving Monument

Updated 10th June 2022

Q.  How will the Monument be funded?

A.  Rather than the traditional route of asking for donations, the Deepwater Diving Monument will be funded in its entirety by the sale of 300 x limited edition, bronze on granite exact replica statuettes. In this way, generous benefactors will be rewarded with a stunning piece of certified fine art.  This was the same approach taken for the highly successful MkV Monument (Jake) in the USA which was delivered on time and within budget.

Q.  How large are the statues?

A.  Each statue will be approx 54cm (over 21") including the granite base. approx 20KG (44lbs) in weight. (to put this in context the average 5 year old weighs just 17KG!!)

Q.  Are these made out of resin?

A.  Absolutely not, these are highly detailed bronze metal statues cast by the same fine art foundry on contract to deliver the full-size Monument.  

Q.  How much will a statuette cost?

A.  The sale price of each statuette is $5,000 plus insured shipping from the USA. 

Q. Who is the sculptor who has been commissioned to complete this work?

A. The sculptor commissioned to produce the Monument is the same extremely talented artist Greg Polutanovich who produced the Mk V Monument for the US Armed Forces and the Military Diver Memorial for Military Divers.

MDM and Jake on Black.jpg

Q.  What happens if all 300 statuettes don’t sell?

A.  Whilst we are extremely confident that a piece of fine art of this standard will be appreciated and sell quickly, we have to be pragmatic and plan for all eventualities. If statuette sales are not forthcoming, a decision will be taken to adopt other fundraising activities. We are fully committed to this project and the unveiling of this monument however, as with all projects this is subject to change due to events outside of our control.

Q. I already own one of the MkV Monument statuettes and/or a Military Diver Memorial statuettes and would like to purchase the same limited edition number, is this possible?

A. Absolutely, 300 limited edition numbers are available for sale, they will, however, be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore the advice is to place your order early to avoid disappointment.

Q. When will the statuettes be shipped?

A. We are currently taking pre-orders for statuettes and expect to commence shipping early December 2022.

Q. How are the statuettes made?

A. There is a walkthrough of the process on the Monument Projects Ltd website:

Q. Why was Santa Barbara chosen as the location for the Monument?

A. Santa Barbara has long been recognised as the home of deepwater diving click HERE to read more.

Q. Who is building the Monument?

A. Monument Projects Ltd. have been chosen to build the monument. With the experience of building diving monuments in the past and the fact that two of the directors are former Royal Navy Mine Clearance Divers, they were felt to be the best partners for the project.

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