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This project can only be completed by the diving community supporting it.
Below are photographs of just some of those generous benefactors that are making it happen.

When you receive your statuette please upload a photograph and some words with the form at the bottom of this page.

017 of 300 - Don Barthelmess

We are proud to honor and support this project and the many pioneers who paved the way for working divers worldwide. They advanced our industry with the introduction of light-weight diving headgear and mixed-gas Deepwater diving technology used worldwide today!

172 of 300 - Travis Detke

So proud to add this statuette to my collection and pleased with its attention to detail.

011 of 300 - Richard Fryburg
066 of 300 - Lucas Holland
029 of 300 Nyle Monday

We are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful project commemorating one of the great contributions of Santa Barbara to the world. The statue is amazing, and the full-size monument will be even better. We hope others will join us in this effort.

027 of 300 - Karen Barragan
019 of 300 - Patrick Lahey

It is a privilege and an honor to support the cause of establishing this important monument in the city of Santa Barbara to acknowledge the pioneering and inspirational group of divers who did so much to advance the technology and safety of deep commercial diving.

099 of 300 - Mike Wiltshire

The Deepwater Diving Monument is a historic and valuable addition to the Waterfront Community. We are thrilled to support this project. – Mike Wiltshire, Waterfront Director

222 of 300 - Julane Conrad

My husband and I are proud to support the Deepwater Diving Monument Project in honor of Don Barthelmess. As a Santa Barbara native, I am thrilled to see a piece of local history come to life to educate others how Santa Barbara is the birthplace of deepwater diving. We are looking forward to sharing the history of the monument with our children and future generations to come! DeeDee & Kevin Conrad

151 of 300 Tom and Joan Maddox
294 of 300 - Andrew Becher

I have just received the Deepwater Statuette. I am beyond impressed! Once again the trio of Paul, Tony and Greg have gone from concept to achievement! All three of my statuettes bear the same number 294.

299 of 300 - Patrick Murphy

Great addition to the collection. Matching numbers.

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