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Patination, we are nearly there!

The final step before the bronze is mounted to the granite base and shipped out is Patination, this stage is akin to alchemy and practiced by skilled artisans who work for years to learn and then master their trade.

By applying various chemicals and applying heat via a flame the bright bronze is eventually transformed to the finished piece as agreed with the sculptor and the customer. This can range from bright vibrant colors to more traditional, subtle tones.

The Deepwater Diving Monument Statuette has finally come to life!

The photograph below is of a stunning piece of art by Tim Cotterill (known as the Frogman) which he calls Rendezvous which shows one of his bronze pieces and an amazing use of the patina process, it is so vibrant they could be real. The piece is a limited edition of 500 and is priced at $7,415.


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