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The clay gains a shell

Updated: Apr 16

Almost as soon as the sculptor is finished (and in some cases whilst he is still working on other pieces) a new set of artisans step up for their turn to work on the project, these are the mold makers.

Using their decades of experience, they will measure and weigh, deliberate and devise the custom mold shape for the monument. They must get it right! Once they commence cutting the pristine clay, any mistakes would mean starting over, six months work destroyed, No pressure!

The mold will only be used once, it will then be destroyed it's job complete.

We talk about "The mold" as if it is a single piece in truth there are 27 molds in total, some are tiny containing small parts, hoses, valves etc.

Others like the torso are large and made of 6 or 7 individual plates. Like the clay itself they have to be meticulously crafted, then strengthened with more and more layers added for strength.

These molds are works of art in their own right but surprisingly have nothing to do with the bronze casting process; those will come later. These molds have one job and that is to create a wax negative of each part that will eventually be cast in bronze.

The wax stage comes next...


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