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The Clay is Finished, Long Live the Clay!

After 16 long weeks our sculptor Greg Polutanovich can breathe a sigh of relief as the clay maquette is finally finished, and what a splendid job he has done!

Greg is renowned throughout the World for his detail and realism but he has surpassed himself with this piece. Each screw, zipper, lace, and valve is amazing.

It is often said of fine art that a photograph doesn't do the piece justice, that is certainly true in this case, it just has to be seen to be believed.

And today, after so much work has gone into getting things just right, it has already been cut into the component parts for the next stage of the process. Tomorrow, 18th August, these parts will be delivered to the foundry where over the next 5-7 days a number of silicone molds will be created from them.

We will bring you more photographs in our next blog.


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